A New Book on Atmospheres!

Tonino Griffero and Marco Tedeschini edited a new book on atmospheres: Atmospheres and Aesthetics: A Plural Perspective.

CoverThis book provides a presentation of the concept of “atmosphere” in the realm of aesthetics. An “atmosphere” is meant to be an emotional space. Such idea of “atmosphere” has been more and more subsumed by human and social sciences in the last twenty years, thereby becoming a technical notion. In many fields of the Humanities, affective life has been reassessed as a proper tool to understand the human being, and is now considered crucial. In this context, the link between atmospheres and aesthetics becomes decisive. Nowadays, aesthetics is no longer only a theory of art, but has recovered its original vocation: to be a general theory of perception conceived of as an ordinary experience of pre-logical character. In its four parts (Atmospheric turn?Senses and SpacesSubjects and CommunitiesAesthetics and Art Theory), this volume discusses whether atmospheres could take the prominent and paradigmatic position previously held by art in order to make sense of such sensible experience of the world.

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The Atmospheric Smell. A Thesis by Anette Stenslund

Medical Museion and the NNF CBMR Section for Science Communication are delighted to announce that Anette Stenslund will defend her dissertation Atmospheric smell – hospital-based and museum-staged.


In her thesis Anette Stenslund searches for a phenomenology of atmospheric smell to be established by conceptual discussion supported by sociological and anthropological theory and empirical work in form of ethnographic fieldwork.
Within a dual framework the thesis centres on smell contextualised in the museum venue and the hospital respectively. The ‘two-legged’ focus aims for contributing to sensory museology, characterising and comparing atmospheric smell in the two contexts; analysing visitor’s experiences of atmospheric smell in museums, and finding methods to facilitate such experience.

Supervisors: prof. Thomas Söderqvist (Medical Museion, Copenhagen), prof. Inge Kryger Pedersen (Dept. of Sociology, University of Copenhagen).

Here you read the summary of Anette Stenslund’s Thesis.