A Seminar on Atmosphere by Silvia Benedito

On Friday, 17th April, inside of the Atmosphere and Place symposium at the Arizona State University, Silvia Benedito (assistant professor in Landscape architecture, and co-chair in Sensory media platform – Harvard University) presents a lecture on The meteorological turn in design. Atmosphere for living and sensing.


“Atmosphere is the space one inhabits and breathes. Interior or exterior, this space is made out of air with mechanical, chemical and biological properties that affects people’s health and wellbeing. While in science, air is a matter of study with precise properties and behaviours, in design it is still titled the “void”. This designation not only reduces the characteristics contained iair bualso undermines the potential of air aspactbcreated and designed.” (Silvia Benedito, 2015)

Date: Friday, 17 April 2015, at 11.00
Location: Arizona State University, Design North – The Bridge: 810 S. Forest Mall, Tempe (AR), USA.