Atmosphere Symposium 2016 :: 25-27 Feb. 2016 – Winnipeg (CA)

The Atmosphere symposia (University of Manitoba, CA) explore the intangible and overlooked dimensions of design, planning & architecture – those difficult to pin down, document, or record with conventional instruments and methodologies.


Atmosphere Symposium 2016


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Program of the event


Date: 25-27 February 2016
Location: Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba – 201 John A. Russell Building, Winnipeg (Canada)

Designing Atmospheres, Rethinking Cities. A Book by Jürgen Weidinger


Cities grow up and change in time.

In 2012, a group of architects, psychologists, artists, and scientists met to debate about rethinking building methodologies of city, through the concept of atmosphere.

In this contribution, Jürgen Weidinger shows a specific methodology to design atmospheric spaces, and evaluating ideas and projects.