Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology: 27/1, 2016

Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology, 27/1, 2016,  www.arch.ksu.edu/seamon/EAP.html


PDF version available on: http://www.arch.ksu.edu/seamon/79%2016%20wint%201.pdf


The Body of the City. A Book by Jürgen Hasse


Der Leib der Stadt. Phänomenographische Annäherungen (Hasse, J., Verlag Karl Alber, Freiburg, 2015).

The concept of body brings vitality into the structure of the city. In Der Leib der Stadt, professor Jürgen Hasse inquires the spatial and atmospherical experience in the lived-city, using photography as a means of expression of phenomenological research.


Designing Atmospheres, Rethinking Cities. A Book by Jürgen Weidinger


Cities grow up and change in time.

In 2012, a group of architects, psychologists, artists, and scientists met to debate about rethinking building methodologies of city, through the concept of atmosphere.

In this contribution, Jürgen Weidinger shows a specific methodology to design atmospheric spaces, and evaluating ideas and projects.