Ambiances: A New Issue on Atmosphere

Phenomenographies: Describing urban and architectural atmospheres



In recent years, the theory of atmospheres has extended beyond phenomenology and aesthetics, informing a wide variety of descriptive practices in the humanities. Diverse scholarly fields such as anthropology and architecture, musicology and art criticism now include the notion of atmospheric space in their methodological toolkits. The descriptive practices of lived space, however, entail several theoretical questions, concerning the potential and limits of giving voice to first-person experience. In the introductory essay of the 2019 special issue of Ambiances, we address the methodological perspectives emerging from the articles and discuss several question concerning the theory of atmospheres and the practices aimed at describing them.
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A New Book on Atmospheres!

Tonino Griffero and Marco Tedeschini edited a new book on atmospheres: Atmospheres and Aesthetics: A Plural Perspective.

CoverThis book provides a presentation of the concept of “atmosphere” in the realm of aesthetics. An “atmosphere” is meant to be an emotional space. Such idea of “atmosphere” has been more and more subsumed by human and social sciences in the last twenty years, thereby becoming a technical notion. In many fields of the Humanities, affective life has been reassessed as a proper tool to understand the human being, and is now considered crucial. In this context, the link between atmospheres and aesthetics becomes decisive. Nowadays, aesthetics is no longer only a theory of art, but has recovered its original vocation: to be a general theory of perception conceived of as an ordinary experience of pre-logical character. In its four parts (Atmospheric turn?Senses and SpacesSubjects and CommunitiesAesthetics and Art Theory), this volume discusses whether atmospheres could take the prominent and paradigmatic position previously held by art in order to make sense of such sensible experience of the world.

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