Two-day conference on Theatre and Atmospheres in London

Martin Welton and Penelope Woods have organized a two-day conference and workshop at Queen Mary University of LondonStaging Atmospheres – Theatre and the Atmospheric Turn.

Sponsored by the International Ambiances Network, Welton and Woods have displayed an interdisciplinary interrogation concerning theatre as an “atmospheric” space of encounter and intersection among different disciplines and practices.

The conference aims at encouraging dialogue amongst artists and academics.

Invited speakers:


Atmospheres, Society, Architecture

Antonio Longo, Chiara Rabbiosi, Pierluigi Salvadeo edited Forme dell’inclusività. Pratiche spazi progetti.8891622402 

The claim, shared by the authors gathered in this book, is that the deep changes concerning the modern societies (e.g., globalization, social mobility, etc.) can be better understood by means of the concept of ‘spatial inclusivity.’

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