Seminar on “Dimensions sensibles de l’architecture”

From 5 to 8 July, a seminar on “Dimensions sensibles de l’architecture – Perception et expérience de l’espace habité” will take place in La Vacquerie Saint Martin de Castrie (Montpellier).

The seminar is supported by IFMA France and Cantarcel, lieu d’expériences pour l’habitat, in sustaining organic and ecological architecture.

The goal of the seminar is to study the sensorial dimension of the architecture and its influence on lived experience.

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MCSJ devotes an issue to Atmosphere and mobility

Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal devotes its last issue (3/2017) to the topic of Atmosphere.


Reiner Kazig (AAU Nantes), Damien Masson (ESIEE Paris), Rachel Thomas (AAU Nantes) bring together eight contributions with different linguistic (English, French and German), disciplinary (anthropology, architecture, geography, musicology, sound studies) and conceptual backgrounds.

Eight essays illustrate a wide variety of approaches and research questions at the intersection of mobility studies with research on atmospheres.

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Atmosphere, Life, Place in the last David Seamon’s Book

David Seamon published a new book (Routledge 2018).


Life Takes Place argues that, even in our mobile, hypermodern world, human life is impossible without place. Seamon asks the question: why does life take place? He draws on examples of specific places and place experiences to understand place more broadly. Advocating for a holistic way of understanding that he calls “synergistic relationality,” Seamon defines places as spatial fields that gather, activate, sustain, identify, and interconnect things, human beings, experiences, meanings, and events.