• “The ‘Atmospherologist’: a Self-Portrait” video (Italian) / March 31st, 2016

Tonino Griffero (philosopher) tells us his path through philosophy. Watch the video interview on Philosophy Kitchen

• “New Phenomenology: Aesthetics, Atmospheres, and Psychopathology” video (Italian) / February 4th, 2016

Tonino Griffero (philosopher), and Lelia Pisani (etno-psychologist) meet together at the Centro Studi Sereno Regis (Turin) to discuss on new phenomenology and gestalt therapy.

• “Head to head (h2h): Aesthetics vs. Aisthetics” video (Italian) / December 5th, 2015

Tonino Griffero, and Stefano Velotti (philosophers) discuss their ideas on aesthetics, atmospheres, and experience at Sapienza – Università di Roma (Rome).

• “Architecture and Atmosphere” snapshots / June 2nd, 2014

Jean-Paul Thibaud (sociologist and urban planner), Tonino Griffero, and Gernot Böhme (philosophers) – with the chairing of Juhani Pallasmaa (architects) – meet together at the Finnish Film Foundation (Helsinki) to discuss on atmospheres, architecture and design.

• “Building Atmospheres” snapshots / April 29th, 2014

Peter Zumthor and Juhani Pallasmaa (architects) and Gernot Böhme (philosopher) meet together in Amsterdam to present and continue their discussion on “Building Atmospheres”. (With the kind permission of OASE journal and NAI010 publishers, Rotterdam).