This bibliography aims at providing an updated and extensive list of books, book chapters and articles dealing with the concept of atmosphere.

The word “atmosphere” was first used in the sense promoted here in 1968-69 by the German psychiatrist Hubertus Tellenbach and the German philosopher Hermann Schmitz, who made “atmosphere” one of the central concepts of his “New Phenomenology”. For this reason the bibliography sets as conventional date 1968, although it is possible to find in the list also some works prior to this date that are considered as precursors of theoretical reflection.

Although it is a rather recent scientific topic, it is closely related to other very important concepts in Western philosophy such as “Stimmung”, “Aura” and “Ambiance”, so this bibliography also includes some of the most significant publications concerning them, as they contribute to our theme.

The list proposed here is divided into two sections, both in alphabetical order according to the surname of the author(s) or editor(s) and then sorted by date in descending order. 

The first one includes the encyclopedic entries and the so-called “Essentials”, where you can find all the books and articles considered fundamental to investigate the concept of atmosphere. The second one contains the general bibliography.

This list is in progress, and we warmly welcome any contributions to better, amend, and enrich it. Please write to us at

Last Update: September 2022