Book Series

Böhme G., Critique of Aesthetic Capitalism, Mimesis International, Milano-Udine 2017.


1. Critique of the aesthetic economy
2. Critique of Growth
3. the Performance Principle and the realm of freedom
4. The taste for the ordinary. The fate of distinction in the age of the aesthetic economy
5. Progress in the commodity aesthetic
6. Strolling in the shopping mall. The Nord-West-Zentrum in Frankfurt
7. Plaster and Camouflage. Architecture and facade aesthetics.



Julmi C., Situations and atmospheres in organizations. A (new) phenomenology of being-in-a-organization, Mimesis International, Milano-Udine 2017.

1. Phenomenological foundations
2. The dynamics of social situations and atmospheres in organizations
3. The dynamics of social situations and atmospheres of organizations
So what!?




Griffero T., Moretti G. (eds.), Atmosphere/Atmospheres. Testing a new paradigm, Mimesis International, Milano-Udine 2018.

Moretti G., Foreword
Griffero T., Introduction
1. Cuturi F., The atmosphere in the time of the ego-spheres 
2. D’Alessandro L., Sommella R., Viganoni L., Atmospheres of and in geography
3. Del Guercio A., Di Palma M. A., Terranova T., Technosocial atmospheres: migration, institutional racism
and twitter 
4. Di Maio A., Ercolano S., Economic atmospheres 
5. Griffero T., Something more. Atmospheres and pathic aesthetics 
6. Lopes A., Gaeta L., Some notes on atmospheres and financial markets
7. Maury R. G., Northern american atmosphere (Canada, Alaska, 
Greenland): ecumene and nordicity in Canada, climate change and geostrategies in the far and extreme north 
8. Scassillo F., E lucevan le stelle. Atmospheric, poetic and musical synaesthesia
9. Tavani E., The construction of situations and atmospheres in installation art

Rauh A., Concerning Astonishing Atmospheres. Aisthesis, Aura, and Atmospheric Portfolio, Mimesis International, Milano-Udine 2019.

1.Introduction: Where do we encounter atmospheres?
(Astonishing) Atmospheres: What and when are atmospheres?
2.1 Semantics: How is ‘atmosphere’ to be understood?
2.2 Syntax: What is the relation of ‘atmospheres’ to other parts of the sentence?
2.3 Pragmatics: How and when is it appropriate to speak of ‘atmospheres’?
2.4 The astonishing atmosphere
3.Aisthesis and Aura: What are the forms of perception?
3.1 The reception of aura: Breathing aura
3.2 The production of aura: Investiture of the gaze
4.Atmospheric Portfolio: How can atmospheres be explored?
4.1 (Linguistic) research conditions
4.2 Two exemplary projects
4.3 Aisthetic Fieldwork and Atmospheric Portfolio