L’expérience esthétique et la praxis

Journée d’étude internationale – L’expérience esthétique et la praxis : perception, imagination, atmosphères


Sensibility and experience have become a critical conceptual couple in the current aesthetic debate. The conference aim at confronting some important ways of understanding it and the new aesthetic praxis it gives place.

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A New Book on Atmosphere

We are pleased to announce that Christian Julmi and Guido Rappe have just published a new book on atmosphere:

Atmosphärische Führung. Stimmungen wahrnehmen und gezielt beeinflussen

The book provides an atmospheric understanding of the concept of leadership.

ATm Julmi, Rappe

The reader will not only find a useful application of the philosophical idea of atmosphere, but also many tips, practical strategies, concrete examples that will show him how leadership actually works.

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