A new book on Atmospheres

Barbara Wolf and Christian Julmi edited Die Macht der Atmosphären, a book about the power of atmospheres, illustrated here in their many facets.

Wherever one looks, atmospheres are determining, perhaps even the most important element in human life. This anthology is aimed to clarify, both theoretically and practically, the significance of atmospheres in the emotional space, and shed light on the phenomenon of atmospheres in its many facets, e.g. in architecture, art, medicine, psychiatry, in education, in care for the elderly, in work and private life.

Human Space and Atmospheres

A new english translation of Otto Friedrich Bullnow’s Human Space is now available.

Human Space is a study of space as we experience it, and how this experience is expressed in our culture and imagination. Showing a great sensitivity to the near and the everyday, it is a highly idiosyncratic but accessible phenomenology, often surprising and insightful, which draws in equal measure on anthropology, etymology, philosophy, poetry and fiction. Originally published in 1963, it is a seminal contribution to what is known today as the ‘spatial turn’ in late twentieth-century philosophy and the aesthetics and phenomenology of atmospheres. Of all Bollnow’s books, Human Space has had the most lasting impact outside philosophy. Now in its eleventh printing, the German original continues to attract a diverse readership and has generated considerable interest in the domain of environmental psychology, architecture and urban design. A document of its time, it remains relevant today and opens a window on a wide range of early thinking in this field, including many sources that are still little known in the English-speaking world.

Dynamics of Air: The Catalogue of an Exhibition about Atmospheres

From 14 September to 17 November 2018 the RMIT Gallery hosted the exhibition ”Dynamics of Air” curated by Malte Wagenfeld and Jane Burry of the RMIT University in partnership with the Goethe-Institut.

The catalogue of this exhibition, which involved designers, artists, architects, researchers and students in exploring radical innovations for creative sustainability in design and the built environment, is here available.

To enjoy the virtual tour of the exhibition click here.

Here are some videos about the exhibition:

Dynamics of air: salt tower video

White clouds of sugar: performance video

Dynamics of air: artists video

More resources provided by the RMIT Gallery are available here.