Places, Affordances, Atmospheres. A Pathic Aesthetics by Tonino Griffero

We are pleased to inform that the last book by Tonino Griffero, Places, Affordances, Atmospheres. A Pathic Aesthetics has been published by Routledge

The book begins by tracing back to the model of experience called the “pathic”. Drawing on the phenomenology of theorists Hermann Schmitz and Gernot Böhme, introductory chapters offer a grounding for the beginnings of pathic research. The chapters go on to apply pathic framework to a range of practical cases from theatre studies to education. Atmospheres are often defined as affects one feels in a “lived space” and researchers are becoming more interested in the emotions we feel in natural and artificial environments across day to day life.By providing a critical re-evaluation of phenomenology and aesthetics, the book brings a series of unexplored and controversial subjects to light, opening up a new context for thinking about our everyday life and experiences inscribed within aesthetics, politics, literature, spatial practices and pedagogy and effectively merging abstract philosophy and concrete practice.