“Atmosphere/Atmospheres. Testing a New Paradigm” eds. by T. Griffero and G. Moretti

We are glad to announce that the third volume of the Atmospheric Spaces book series has just been published by Mimesis International: Atmosphere/Atmospheres. Testing a New Paradigm edited by Tonino Griffero and Giampiero Moretti.

This book is the result of a seminar titled Atmosphere/Atmospheres which was held on December 6th, 2016 in the Department of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. The participants’ lectures, which focused on the idea of ‘atmosphere’, both in its singular and in its plural connotation as introduced in his works by Tonino Griffero, tried to identify, according to their own area of study, the ways in which that specific notion could be presented in a variety of fields.

Sociology, anthropology, geography, economy, history, musicology and philosophy tried not only to reflect upon the notion of ‘atmosphere’ in an effort to apply it to the principles of their branch of knowledge, but also to achieve, together with other disciplines and through the notion of ‘atmosphere’, a different kind of relationship among each other.