Translating Ambiances and Atmospheres

The fourth International Research Group (GDRI), in collaboration with Ambiances – International Network, the Departement of architecture and urban studies of Milan and the Urban Simulation Laboratory “Fausto Curti”, will put the theme of translating ambiances and atmospheres under the attention of the conference “Translating Ambiances” that will take place on june 12-13-14 2017 at the Politecnico of Milan.

Taking the word “translation” into a broad sense, the topic of architectural and urban ambiances could be conceived into two cooperating ways, a more theoretical and conceptual one, and the practical one that concerns the development of specific and professional tools in the framework of ambiance creation.

Looking at this plurality of meanings and approaches the concept of atmosphere is brought into play, for a deep reflection on the emotional relationship between the place and the human living.

In the flyer you can find the program of these three days Conference.