Atmosphere and Affect in Weimar

image003On May 4th at Bauhaus-University Weimar Atmosphere and Affect will be at the center of a public panel discussion with Brian Massumi & Jan Slaby, showing the problematic relationship between these two concepts, despite obvious affinities and resonances. As a matter of fact their evolution has been almost indipendent, following the path of the traditions who brought them to light. The two speakers will discuss resonances and interferences between the German terminological field of Stimmung, Atmosphäre, Befindlichkeit  or Gefühl (feeling) as deployed in phenomenology and notions like affective attunement or affective tonality coming from the Deleuzian and process-philosophical line of thought in Affect Theory. Over the course of their conversation Massumi and Slaby will explore how their respective philosophical approaches might contradict or resemble, mutually stimulate and enrich each other and what new potentials for thinking about affect and atmosphere might emerge from such an encounter.

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