Il Pensiero dei Sensi. A New Book by Tonino Griffero

Il pensiero dei sensi. Atmosfere ed estetica patica (by Tonino Griffero, Guerini e Associati, Milano, 2016)


We are always involved in atmospheres and emotional tones widespread in space. Sometimes atmospheres strongly determine our existence in a way that we can hardly only resist them.

This is the reason why the topic of “Atmosphere” is a typically transdisciplinary  one. It relates to architecture, sociology, anthropology, psychopathology, anthropic geography, art, etc., since atmospheres as quasi-things provide an conceptual device that let us ontologically understand the way we live and feel ourselves in the world.

Furthermore the concept of Atmosphere modifies the contemporary idea of what Aesthetics is: under this light, it does not only deal with art and critical judgment of those special objects that we call artworks, but also and firstly with our sensible and bodily knowledge. For this reason Tonino Griffero speaks of Pathic Aesthetics: a philosophical meditation on what being-exposed-to-what-happens-to-us means.

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