The Atmospheric Smell. A Thesis by Anette Stenslund

Medical Museion and the NNF CBMR Section for Science Communication are delighted to announce that Anette Stenslund will defend her dissertation Atmospheric smell – hospital-based and museum-staged.


In her thesis Anette Stenslund searches for a phenomenology of atmospheric smell to be established by conceptual discussion supported by sociological and anthropological theory and empirical work in form of ethnographic fieldwork.
Within a dual framework the thesis centres on smell contextualised in the museum venue and the hospital respectively. The ‘two-legged’ focus aims for contributing to sensory museology, characterising and comparing atmospheric smell in the two contexts; analysing visitor’s experiences of atmospheric smell in museums, and finding methods to facilitate such experience.

Supervisors: prof. Thomas Söderqvist (Medical Museion, Copenhagen), prof. Inge Kryger Pedersen (Dept. of Sociology, University of Copenhagen).

Here you read the summary of Anette Stenslund’s Thesis.