En quête d’ambiances. A New Book by Jean-Paul Thibaud

En quête d’ambiances. Éprouver la ville en passant (by Jean-Paul Thibaud, MētisPresses, Genève, 2015).


Since twenty years, atmospheres are a fast-growing research field. Ambiance means necessarily situated experience, affective tone, sensible expression of a social life form. It involves indeed everything that makes the world, giving it flesh and face. So, sensible atmospheres color our communities, modulate our way of living and contribute to our ways to make society.
In search of atmospheres, the author combines theoretical thinking, methodological proposal and field investigation.
The book sheds light on the atmospheric thematic, exploring its heuristic scope and operational value. The ordinary experience of passers is tested in urban environments. And a plurality of themes, linked by a coherent approach, is explored systematically by the chapters of the book, whether public spaces, sound or light environments, underground circles or walking in town.