Stimmung, Emotion, Atmosphäre. A Book by Thomas Bulka

Stimmung, Emotion, Atmosphäre. Phänomenologische Untersuchungen zur Struktur der menschlichen Affektivität (by Thomas Bulka, Mentis Verlag, Paderborn, 2015)


In this last years, individual emotions and moods have taken a central role in philosophical investigation. Nevertheless, while in theories of emotion based on psychological concepts and categories, affects, moods, and atmospheres are seen as purely subjective mental phenomena, the phenomenological description can’t support this interpretative approach. This book introduces an instance of task on refining the relations between atmospheres, moods, and emotions. The focus is on the tension between affectivity and perception. The present approach is able to criticize not only the purely mentalist conceptions about moods and emotions, but also the whole physical human existence as always affectively marked. This grounded affectivity is realized, by following the thesis of the book, by the subjective continuously changing of experience situation and perception, and it is the ground for individual guidance within a meaningful world.

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