New Article on Atmosphere and Creativity

The Domain-Specificity of Creativity: Insights from New Phenomenology (Julmi C., Scherm E., «Creativity Research Journal», 27/2, 2015, 151-159).


The question of the domain-specificity of creativity represents one of the key questions in creativity research. This article contributes to the discussion by applying insights from new phenomenology, which is a phenomenological movement from Germany initiated by philosopher Hermann Schmitz. The findings of new phenomenology suggest that creativity is a domain-specific ability with three domains differentiated on the uppermost level: first, the domain of corporeal creativity, which has the task of presenting atmospheres; second, the domain of hermeneutic creativity, which is characterized by dealing with situations; and third, the domain of analytical creativity, which refers to dealing with constellations. These domains can be differentiated further still such that a high consistency of phenomenological approaches with other findings with regard to the question of the domain-specificity of creativity emerges.

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