Experiential Climate Models Workshop at Arizona State University

The Synthesis Center (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA) and the Institute for Humanities Research (Arizona State University, USA) presents the Experiential Climate Models Workshop: “a transdisciplinary workshop that will explore how our experiences of atmosphere and place are mediated by climate models, architecture, and technology, and how those experiences may be moderated and enhanced through the use of responsive media and experiential computing”.


Oana Seteu (Filmaker and Media Artist)
Silvia Benedito (Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University)
Andrew Harding (Climate Impact Scientist, ClimateXChange)
Freida Atban (Lecturer, Department of Music, Goldsmiths University)
Melissa Bukovksy (Project Scientist I, RISC Computational and Information Systems Laboratory, UCAR)
Tim Choy (Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies/Anthropology, UCDavis)

Date: 16-18 April 2015, at 18.00
Location: Arizona State University – Tempe Campus: Tempe (AR), USA

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