Call for Papers on Ambiance and History of Architecture

A Call for Papers for a special issue of AmbiancesInternational Journal of the Sensory Environment, Architecture and Urban Space (, aimed to exploring sensory sources over time, interpreting and reconstituting past sensory experience, and revealing imaginary ambiances, within an atmospheric framework.


Title: Ambiance and history of architecture: the built environment in our sensory experience and imagination.

Editors: Olivier Balaÿ (architect and urbanist), Stéphane Frioux (lecturer and researcher in modern history), and Nathalie Simonnot (architectural historian).


  • Deadline for proposals: 15th May 2015 (500 to 800 words).
  • Deadline for reception of complete articles: 15th October 2015 (4000 to 8000 words).
  • Projected publication of the special issue: September 2016.

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