“We are all able bodies”: two days workshop/seminar in Madrid

On next 16-17 November, a two days workshop/seminar on bodies experiences will take place in Madrid at the Institute of Technology Faculty of Architecture (EPS), San Pablo CEU University, Campus Montepríncipe.

This workshop/seminar aims to bring into dialogue researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to re-examine potentials and limitations of bodies experiencing the sensory realm.
The event is inscribed within the programme of the Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape (LSAAP).

For the full programme click here.


“Atmospheres of Shared Emotion”. A two days workshop in Vienna

On 25-26 April 2019, a two days workshop titled “Atmospheres of Shared Emotions” will take place at the University of Vienna in the Department of Philosophy.

Organized by Dylan Trigg and Hans Bernhard Schmid, the aim of this workshop is to explore the intersection between shared emotion and atmospheres by bringing together leading and emerging scholars in the field.

Invited speakers:

10th Anniversary of Walton Critic Program

The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning has organized a major event celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its Walton Critic program.

It will take place October 24-27, 2018 in Washington, DC.

During four intense days, six of the past/present 10 Walton Critics will engage our community through public lectures, design reviews, conversations, and a panel discussion.

The intention of this high-profile reunion is not only to assess the work produced over the past 10 years but also to consider future directions and opportunities. We will do this in the context of our contemporary world vis-à-vis architectural practice, education, and the objectives of the Walton program. 

This event (lectures, round-table, receptions) are all free and open to the public.

The schedule of the lectures is available here.