Cfp for the 2019 special issue of Ambiances: “Phenomenographies. Describing urban and architectural atmospheres”

“Phenomenographies. Describing urban and architectural atmospheres” is the title of the 2019 special issue of Ambiances. This issue intends to gauge the breadth and scope of phenomenographies, thereby meaning the vast variety of methods and techniques adopted to describe the atmospheric qualities of lived space, especially in a cross-disciplinary context.

The topics are:

  • Methods of description: phenomenographies across disciplines
  • Bridging the gap between qualitative and quantitative accounts
  • Atmospheric images: visualizing lived space
  • From theory to design practices
  • What places feel like: urban and architectural narratives

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CRESSON 40th Anniversary – Winter Sound School

This year the Winter sound school will celebrate the CRESSON 40th anniversary. Organized by the Centre for research on sound space and urban environment (AAU Laboratory team in Grenoble School of Architecture), this edition will witness the journey around the sound of CRESSON but also the evolution of work on this theme.

Place of theoretical and practical “training”, the Winter sound school 2019 will offer an alternation of theoretical interventions/discussions and applications in situ.
Anyone interested in sound environment issues is invited to participate in this winter school which is open to academic, operational and artistic worlds.

From January 28 to February 1, 2019, at ENSA Grenoble (France), the school will be bilingual (French/English).
The deadline for registration is December 31.

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